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Vanilla Waffle Cone Candle

Vanilla Waffle Cone Candle

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The power of affirmations is magical-- it can transport your mind within seconds! ‘My Dreams Are Possible’ is a candle that will inspire you to e the each for the stars! No dream is too big! Enjoy the sweet aroma of vanilla gelato!

Fragrance Notes:

Treat yourself to a fragrance oil that brings a nostalgic, creamy sweet aroma, reminiscent of a classic waffle cone at your favorite ice cream parlor. Happy feeling notes swirl together to satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories.

Size: 10 oz 

Burn time: approximately 40 hours

Wicks: 1 - 100% cotton lead-free wicks  for even the melting and clean burn.

This  eco-friendly candle is made with soy wax and coconut wax. Carefully handcrafted with love in Alberta, Canada. 

To learn about the benefits of Eco-Friendly candles, check out our article: Why Choose Eco-friendly Candles?

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