Inspired by the beauty and medicinal properties of plants, I began handcrafting herbal goods at a young age. When I was 15, my family moved from Canada to Dubai, UAE. The two years that I had spent living there was life changing. I was introduced to many plants that were native to the Middle East that I have never seen. It was at this time that Ayurveda was first introduced to me. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in the body through diet, herbal treatment and yoga. I began making my own face masks, body oils and noticed how well my body was responding. Our skin is our body's largest organ and absorbs everything we apply to it, which is why we need to use products which contain natural ingredients. 


This is what inspired Amera's Garden

Amera's Garden was once a place I would visit while in meditation. When in a deep trance, I found my mind transported to a garden. Rose bushes, hydrangeas, hollyhocks-- you name it. I saw this as a sign to grow my own garden.. so I began! I bought raised garden beds and planted the most beautiful row of echinacea. Then I planted some petunias and veronicas in the ground, and bloom by bloom, I saw my vision come to life. Being in my garden brought me peace that I have never experienced. I would lay on the grass and listen to the windchimes as I watch clouds go by. 

From that point on, I knew my purpose was to highlight the beauty of our Earth and introduce people to the magic that exists within nature. 

 Candles have been around since the beginning of Time. The methods to make candles have evolved and with more knowledge, more eco-friendly ingredients were introduced. At Amera's Garden we use a blend of soy wax and coconut wax to create ALL candles. This provides you with the comfort of knowing that the candle you are burning will be safe for your home and its inhabitants. Our candles have a strong fragrance and are made with phthalate-free and paraben free fragrance oils. Light up and enjoy the pleasant aroma that fills your space! Shop our Luxury Candles now!