My Trip To Banff National Park!

My Trip To Banff National Park!

"You can never step into the same river;
for new waters are always flowing on to you."
-Heraclitus of Ephesus


This past week I went to Banff National Park to celebrate my birthday! Banff National Park is famous for its turquoise coloured lakes and majestic mountains. Located in Alberta Rocky Mountains, this park preserves natures beauty and ecological history. If you are someone who enjoys the great outdoors and wildlife, this is the place for you! I've visited this park about 5 times over the years, and keep finding new gems! Banff is a four hour drive from where I live, so we headed out early morning and got to spend the entire day outdoors. We stayed at a beautiful lodge that had a view of the mountainside and rustic wood decor! It was an experience filled with happiness and love. 

On Day 2, we went for a scenic hike at Johnston Canyon! I paced myself so I can take in the beautiful atmosphere. The air was cool and there was a cascade of bright-green pine trees! As I continued my hike I began to hear the sound of rushing water and instantly felt relaxed. The rush of water flowing through the valley showed me how strong and resiliant our Earth is. Throughout history, rivers have been regarded as a symbol of life and freedom. Seen as a symbol of fertility, the rivers fill the soil with moisture and nutrients. Life on our planet is sustained as rivers carry water and nutrients all around the Earth. 



 The view of this waterfall was absolutely amazing! This is the view from the Johnston Canyon Lower Falls. The experience got even better when we got to step into the cave to get a better view of the falls! It felt very private as it was just me and my love. The water splashed on us and felt very nice after a long day of hiking.



While hiking we noticed the Cave and Basin was not too far away so we headed that way. The Cave and Basin is a historical site located in the town of Banff. When you first get to the museum, you can take an information tour to understand the history behind this place. It has been revered sacred by the Indigenous people for over ten thousand years! The first thing you will notice when entering the cave is the strong smell of sulphur. I personally didn't find the smell too bothersome but keep this in mind when visiting! These thermal hot springs are home to many rare plants and invertebrates. I am always amazed at the different ways the Earth can show us her beauty. 

 This is the entry of the cave as well as some information boards. I love discovering new things and I have learnt so much during my visit.


The turquoise coloured water is so breathtaking! This is the outdoor Basin. This site has been considered sacred by many tribes and I can see why! 





Had a very nourishing bowl of vegan mac and cheese! I've been gravitating towards vegetarian dishes lately and this bistro stood out to me. Nourish Bistro is described Banff's very own vegetarian oasis! This was my first time having potato gnocchi and I am in Love! This dish was very filling and I loved the use of coconut cream as base for the cheese sauce... going have to try that in my cooking! I also tried a 27 ingredient loaded nacho! Ingredients you wouldn't normally find in a nacho-- like strawberries and mandarin oranges-- made this a unique dish! I paired my dish with a lovely cocktail called Bush Bramble Berry! This was the perfect dish to eat before embarking on more hikes!
I enjoyed this cheese + charcuterie board from Table Food + Drink in Canmore. Canmore is only a few kilometres outside of Banff. This charcuterie board featured cured meats and creamy cheese. I love charcuterie boards because I get to try new things I don't normally go for. I really enjoyed the pickled vegetables, especially the cauliflower! I found this charcuterie board to be quite filling and I really enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant! It was definitely a dinner to remember! 


“The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” — Carl Sagan, Cosmos

A beautiful way to end the night was going stargazing! From where I live, I am only able to see the same handful of stars; Orion's belt, Sirius, Aldebaran and a few more. This is because city lights cause a lot of light pollution, causing the stars to not be visible to our eyes. We drove around for an hour listening to some Dean Martin with the sun roof down. It was so majestic! I stuck my head out the car and my entire vision was filled with stars. I could hardly see anything except for the starry night sky! 

Amera Athena 
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