Eternal Love

Eternal Love

I travelled the seas to ease my mind

the Ocean of Love told me to ride the wave

'The Heart will lead this dance and the Ego shall follow'

Filled with curiousity.. I let go

I went to a place where Time did not exist 

A realm where Harmony did not need to understand Chaos

It was my Heaven on Earth

Through the clouds

a winged Cupid had appeared

Golden Arrow in his hand to give me exactly what I needed 

'Cupid, aim your bow at the One who shall bring me Eternal Love'

The Earth went dark

A bolt of Golden light pierced my chest

Warm light radiated fron my body and filled the atmosphere above

The stars have taken occupancy inside of me

I have transformed into a Lighthouse in the middle of the sea

A broad smile washed upon Cupid's face as he said;

'For the Sailors cross the sea searching for the Treasure that is within your Heart'

Amera Athena


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